Welcome to the webpage of the Sevier County Republican Party.

The objective of the Sevier County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to
office while promoting the growth and acceptance of the Republican Party among
all of the people of Sevier County.

We Believe In The Following

That less government is the best government

The Right to Bear Arms
(2nd Ammendment)

States rights

The DOMA Act (marriage is between a man and a woman)

The Right to Life

That elected officials are employees of the people

GOP Twitter Feed

29 minutes ago
The President is right - we must re-open our Nation's schools.

He wants to know who stood with him to fight for our children’s futures, so we’re sending him a list of EVERY Patriot who signs the Official Petition.

Add your name NOW!
2 hours ago
“Clearly, it is in everyone's interest, particularly in the kids' interest to get back to school. We are strongly encouraging and urging governors across the country to reopen schools this fall.” - @BetsyDeVosED
3 hours ago
. @PressSec announced the launch of Operation Legend, named after 4-yr-old LeGend Taliferro who was tragically killed on June 29th.

This initiative to fight the surge of violent crime in Kansas City will focus on a federal effort to increase law enforcement presence in the city.
11 hours ago
“The USMCA is good for business, as President @realDonaldTrump rebuilds the strongest, most inclusive economy in history. The USMCA will help jumpstart our economy.” - @PressSec
13 hours ago
“The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a needed opinion that is strongly in favor of getting children back to school this fall…It’s time to get children back into school where they belong in time for this fall.”