Welcome to the webpage of the Sevier County Republican Party.

The objective of the Sevier County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to
office while promoting the growth and acceptance of the Republican Party among
all of the people of Sevier County.

We Believe In The Following

That less government is the best government

The Right to Bear Arms
(2nd Ammendment)

States rights

The DOMA Act (marriage is between a man and a woman)

The Right to Life

That elected officials are employees of the people

GOP Twitter Feed

16 hours ago
“The United States flag is for everyone, it is a flag that unites us as a one nation under an almighty God. It is a flag that we should proudly salute, stand for, fight for and wave.”— @PARISDENNARD
17 hours ago
Joe Biden’s ATF nominee, David Chipman, has demonstrated that he looks down on gun owners.

He compared gun owners to “Tiger King” and zombie doomsday preppers.

Chipman is wrong for the ATF.
18 hours ago
“Democrats’ demonization of the brave men and women in law enforcement is causing cops to retire in record numbers, leading to slower response times for police calls and, ultimately, more dangerous communities.”— @TommyHicksGOP
20 hours ago
Biden’s border crisis doesn’t just impact border states, it reaches every American.

The increase of fentanyl crossing our border just in the last month has reached 1,053 POUNDS.

Joe Biden continues to sit idly by while his border crisis fuels the opioid epidemic.
23 hours ago
. @EliseStefanik is exactly right, the only way to stop Joe Biden’s radical Socialist agenda is with your support.

Activate your 2021 Sustaining Membership at the link below ⬇️
2 days ago
“From China, to Cuba, to the humanitarian crisis at our southern border, the Biden administration has offered a masterclass in weak leadership and failed policies that is directly undermining American strength across the globe.”— @GOPChairwoman