Welcome to the webpage of the Sevier County Republican Party.

The objective of the Sevier County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to
office while promoting the growth and acceptance of the Republican Party among
all of the people of Sevier County.

We Believe In The Following

That less government is the best government

The Right to Bear Arms
(2nd Ammendment)

States rights

The DOMA Act (marriage is between a man and a woman)

The Right to Life

That elected officials are employees of the people

GOP Twitter Feed

10 hours ago
Joe Biden has squandered the economic recovery he inherited from President Trump.
12 hours ago
All Joe Biden has done for Americans is build back broke.
14 hours ago
Another winning week for Republicans!

Tune into the Republican Week to see what you might have missed this week.
15 hours ago
. @GOPChairwoman BLASTS another failed Biden jobs report. Democrat polices are leaving Americans behind.
17 hours ago
Biden consistently puts America, American interests, and our allies last.

It’s time to return to a foreign policy that looks out for our interests first and foremost.
20 hours ago
The November jobs report was the worst jobs report of Biden’s presidency.

Americans deserve better!